Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giants Third Base Coach Tim Flannery to Hook Up with Boston

Tom Scholz live with Boston 13 June 2008 Hinck...
Tom Scholz live with Boston 13 June 2008 Hinckley, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Insiders have shared hot new info with TSIBIWWSG that, contrary to earlier reports, the "family" Giants Third Base coach Tim (Yellow Light) Flannery is quitting to spend more time with is none other than geriatric rockers Boston, whose popularity in Japan has never been higher.

Flannery's duties won't be limited to hot licks on the mandolin.

"Tom Scholz is hitting 280 on the nearest truck stop scale," Flannery said. "So when he heads toward the buffet for once in my life I'll be comfortable putting up the stop sign."

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  1. Geeks has done it again! Checking the 2018 schedule at Shoreline Amphitheater to make sure to catch the band's next farewell tour.